Swing Trading Calls

Swing trading is holding a particular stock for a period of time, generally a few days to two or three weeks. It is not a investment. So keeping stop loss is important in swing trading.

  • If you are a part time trader not having time to focus the market.
  • Want to compound your capital on slow and nominal pace.
  • Expecting genuine performance updating service provider?
  • Suitable for Employes, Business Persons and Part time traders.

Then this service is suitable to you. Check our past performance report here.

  1. Capital Required Rs. 150000
  2. Risk per Trade Rs.1125 (0.75%)
  3. Expected reward per trade 2R or more
  4. Holding time maximum 15 trading days.
  5. Minimum capital also accepted. But risk per trade not more than 0.75% of the capital.

Swing Trading Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – In what mode you will send the trading calls?
We will send trading calls in Telegram channel or Whatsapp group only. Telegram channel link will send to clients.

Sample Call – BUY TCS ONLY @ 2287. STOPLOSS 2210. TARGET 2518.
13 Shares For RS.1000 Risk Per Trade.
Total Investment Value – Rs.29731

Q2 – How to initiate the trade?
We will send trading calls well in advance. Use Zerodha GTT order to enter the trade. For booking profit and loss also use GTT OCO (One close Other). You no need to focus on your position frequently.

Q3 – What is GTT order I don’t have this facility from my broker?
GTT order is Good Till Triggered orders. Please refer here for more details. If this facility not available from your broker then open account from zerodha by this link.

Q4 – Do I need to have minimum 1.5 Lakhs capital for this trade?
We suggest 1.5Lakhs capital. You can do minimum capital also. But your risk per trade should not go above 0.75% of your capital.

Q5 – What is the validity of the trade if target and stop loss hit?
Maximum validity is 15 Trading days. We will suggest to book with minimum profit or loss if trade not hit target or stoploss.

Q6- How many calls will you give and what is the accuracy?
Maximum we will give minimum 3 calls per month with 60% accuracy and minimum 1:2 risk reward per call. If we see good trend in the market we will give more calls also.

Q7- How my subscription validity is calculated ?
Even though If you paid in advance, your validity starting date will be calculated only when your first trade is got executed.

Q8- Do I need to monitor my trade ?
No. Absolutely not required. Full time monitoring not required for this short term trade like intraday trade. For entry place an advance order and for booking also place an advance GTT order is enough. This GTT order you can place off market hours also. You will get an email alert when your order got executed.

Q9- Do you provide any sure shot or jackpot calls?
No. Absolutely we are not doing this type of service. All our calls are risk defined. And our accuracy is only 50 to 55%. It means 45 to 50% of our trading calls will hit stoploss. If you accept this minimum loss then subscribe our service. Our is the the Small Loss Big Win Strategy

Pricing Details for Swing Trading Calls

12 Months – Rs.5000

How to Pay for this Swing Trading calls

Google Pay Number – 9994934568
UPI Id – [email protected]

After payment please call or whatsapp this number 9994934568 with your payment proof. We will send invite link for our swing trading private telegram channel.

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