Equity Intraday Tips

  1. Are you a small trader want to make profit in equity trading?
  2. Is your existing provider giving calls with 2 targets or 3 targets?
  3. Interested to subscribe for genuine performance update service provider.
  4. Are you expecting to get call in advance to trade in right time?
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Intraday equity trading is the most preferable for small investors.

As in this section, you don’t have to wait for Days, or Weeks, or Months, or Years to get return from your investments. We help you develop your mind set according to market need and make a smart trader.

equity intraday tips

No one strategy is correct all the time.”
There is no Holy Grail trading strategy that makes money in every market environment.  – John Paulson

Although, like other type of investments equity trading also follows the “Higher the risk, Higher the return” principle. But our intraday equity tips decrease the risk percentage and help you get highest return.

Features of Equity Tips

  • Calls are generated only from NSE based high liquidity stocks.
  • An average of 60 to 65% accuracy will be maintained.
  • During trading hour only you will receive calls. No pre-market calls.
  • Calls will be reach you minimum 2 min ahead before trigger level.
  • One to three calls will be provided for intraday trading.
  • Trading calls will be send by Telegram Channel.
  • Telegram app can be download from google play store and Apple app store.
  • We will maintain two open position at same time.
  • Rs.67000 Capital money required execute two open calls.
  • Sure shot equity calls genuine past performance will be update daily basis.
  • Only single target equity call will be provided. No target 2 or target3.

Sample Sure Shot Equity Tips



If it is Buy call you need to initiate the trade only in recommended price or 5 to 10 paisa above the recommended price. If it is Sell call you need to initiate the trade only in recommended price or 5 to 10 paisa below the recommended price. If the price is not triggered on or before 3.00 pm, you need to ignore that trade.

How to Trade our Equity Calls

Minimum Capital Required – Rs.67000
Maximum Risk per trade – 1.5% (Rs.1000) on your trading capital.
Expected Reward per trade – 1.5 times or More

For example if we send the call BUY SBIN ONLY @ 300 TARGET 303 STOP LOSS 298. Here you require to execute the trade by risking only Rs.1000.

So the difference between entry price and stop loss price is Rs.2 and your risk per trade is Rs.1000/2 = 500 shares.

So you need to execute the trade only 500 shares. If suppose the trade hit stop loss you will loose only Rs.1000 + brokerage and tax in this trade.

Remaining part of your capital will be safe to execute the next trades.

You can increase your position only if you have more capital. Your total risk per trade should not be more than 1.5% of your capital amount.

Don’t book your position with small profit or before stop loss unless we recommend.

How to Subscribe Equity Calls

We are not offering any paid trading recommendation service. Our service is only to new trading account clients via our link. Click the below banner to open a trading account in zerodha.

 I am already having trading account in zerodha. How can I subscribe your calls?

Please call/whatsapp us to 9994934568 to get a subscription details. Don’t calls us for free trial.

32 thoughts on “Equity Intraday Tips

  1. Hi Kishan,
    Mode of sending calls will be by sms. You will receive our equity calls 3 min advance. So that you have enough time to execute the trade.

    1. Hi SURESH KANCHAN, You can avail 3 days trial service by paying Rs.199 in our website.
      We are providing paid trial service only. We are not providing free trial for our day trading call service.

    1. Hi RT, Our technical team will send day trading calls any time between 10.30 am to 3 Pm. We cannot tell you the exact time of calls. Call sending time may vary and depends on market condition.

  2. Hi,

    Where do i get the tips will this take some time to activate, i bought the trial pack for 3 day completed the payment yesterday but did not get any tips.

  3. hi, i purchased 3 days trial but i found that today one target and one s/l yesterday one equal and before yesterday only some profit. sl is too long

    1. Hi Sanjay, We wont give huge stop loss. Calculate the percentage for both stop loss and target. We always maintain less stop loss and more profit margin. Please check our performance sheet and calculate stop loss and profit percentage. Thanks.

  4. Sir में interday treding कर रहा हूं लेकिन मुजजे 25000 का loss लग गया है क्या मुझे अब नही करना चाहिए।


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