Beginner’s Guide To Opening A Demat Account With Angel Broking

September 20, 2018

If you are thinking about how to invest in the stock market, the first and foremost thing that you must have is the Demat account. DEMAT or Dematerialization account is the account to sell and buy shares. According to the SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) regulator of the stock market, this is quite important for all the listed shares to be settled in the demat code.

Opening a Demat account, handling the securities from your house is much more comfortable. You can directly access all the transaction of your shares through this account.

How can you open a Demat account?

  1. Depository– To open a demat account; the first thing you need is to contact a depository. You will surely have to get in touch with the depository participant who can be either a broker or any bank.
    After opening the account, all the shares would be kept merely safely with the depository. The government-sponsored organizations are the safe ones to deal with.
  2. Submit the documents– After you get done with the depository, you will need mainly four documents for opening the demat account. You will surely need the identity proof and residential proof. Besides that, your Income Tax PAN Card, as well as Aadhar Card, is a required document in recent times for opening a demat account.
    Depository participants who are mostly your stock brokers accept the variety of documents instead of identity proof and residential proof. The elector voting card, Passport, Aadhar card, pension card, etc. can act as the identity proof.
  3. Residential proof– For your residential proof, you can submit the updated passport, current landline telephone bill, income tax assessment, property tax assessment, credit card bill, electricity bill, etc.
    One thing that you need to remember is that all the documents must be a self-attested photocopy.
  4. Fill up the form– Then, after submitting all of your documents, you will have to fill up the KYC (know your customer) form. After that, the KYC form must be signed by the depository as well as the entire details of the rules and regulations would be surely stated in the form as well.
  5. Keep a backup– Keeping a backup document is very important. So, you will get the printed form or a photocopy of a same, which would get needed for the future use. After you keep your backup documents, you would have to go for the document verification. After that, the depository would surely ask for the in-person confirmation of the form.
    In this specific case, you will have to visit the office. Or else, a representative would attend the place as well.
  6. Verification– After you submit your IDs, the authorities will verify your documents. A depository will give the beneficiary ID. This ID would turn out to be a unique code of the shareholder, which would be utilized for any kind of selling or buying in the stock exchange market.

However, you would have to submit the photocopy of your documents, but the original ones require to be produced in case the higher authority requests this for final verification before you start along with the transaction through the demat account.

So, when you want to open a demat account, you can simply deal with the Angel Broking Demat Account. The experts would help you through the simple filling process.

angel broking

Benefits of dealing with them

  • One of the significant advantages of the Angel Broking Demat Account is the safety and security.
  • The long-term investments can be safely and securely maintained over the Internet.
  • Apparently, this removes the actual chance of holding bonds and shares in the physical form.
  • They offer you with the best services. In fact, you can trade online anytime, anywhere through the online account as well.
  • The demat system permits the investors to purchase, trade and sell without any kind of paperwork.

In short, Angel Broking Demat Account is reliable, easy, and convenient because this permits the quick transfers and reduced the transaction costs without the large transaction size needs. So, opening an account in their company would help you in every possible way. The experts will help you and guide you on the right path in case if you face any problem.

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