Your Doubts and Our Answers

Q1. Do You give Free Trial?

A1. No.  We are not giving any free trial for our share tips. We have only 3 days paid trial service.

Q2. Do You give Intraday Calls with followup calls ?

A2.Yes, All our calls are intraday basis only.You need to square off your position in target or stop loss or 3.20 pm which ever is comes first. Mostly we will send follow up calls. Some times we may not provide followup calls. In that time please strictly follow above procedure.

Q3. How many call you will provide and what is the success ratio?

A3. We will provide one or five equity calls, one to five stock future calls per day and minimum of 70 to 80% success ratio is maintained at maximum point of time.

Q4. Do You Provide SMS Service or Messenger service?

A4. Yes, we do provide calls only in sms. We won’t provide calls in Yahoo messenger or google hangout.

Q5. Will SMS reach me in correct time?

A5. Yes. Our sms will reach you in correct time and you will get correct entry. We will send the call minimum 2 to 3 Min in advance.

Q6. How much capital do I required to trade your calls?

A6. For Equity you need to have Rs.20000 and for future you need to have Rs.50000 capital. If you have trading account with our partner zerodha you will get 20 times exposure in equity and 50 times exposure in future.

Q7. How many open call you will maintain?

A7. Maximum we will maintain 2 open calls at the same time. You need to have enough exposure to attend all calls.If you have trading account with our partner zerodha you will get high exposure.

Q8. How can I open trading account with you?

A8.  You can open your trading account with your Aadhar number instantly online. Visit this our partner zerodha and complete your account opening.

Q9. What benefit will I get if I open a trading account with you?

A9. It is low brokerage trading account. You will be charged only Rs.20 per trade. You can do any number of volume. There is no brokerage fee for delivery trades. And you will get One year Free intraday calls from us either equity of stock future segment if you open trading account via us in zerodha.

Q10. Can we ask recommendations on Phone?

A10. No we don’t entertain any calls during market hours. Phone support will be provided only for sales related enquires. For subscription and technical related enquires, please write an email to us. We will respond you within one business day.

Q11. Do you suggest when to book Profits Or Exit?

A11. Yes. If we feel our call may not hit the target, we ask you to exit for minimum profit or minimum loss. Your call exit should be target or stop loss or 3.20 pm price whichever is comes first.

Q12. How can I subscribe your tips?

A12. Just select the package you want to subscribe,and fill in a very simple form and submit you are done, You will start receiving our valuable day trading calls.

Q13. How to trade your calls?

A13. We will send recommendations Minimum 2 minutes in advance. For example BUY JINDALSTEL ONLY @ 264. TARGET 267 STOPLOSS 262. In this call you need to execute the buy trade only at 264 or 5 to 10 paisa above 264. You should not enter this trade before the price reaches 264. As a same SELL INFY ONLY @ 1040. TARGET 1025. STOPLOSS 1050. Here you need to execute the trade only at 1040 or 5 to 10 paisa below 1040. You should not enter the trade above 1040

Q14. Can I get call for all trading days?

A14. Mostly we will provide calls for all trading days. However for some personnel reason we may not provide calls. We will compensate those days.

Q15. Performance shown in your website is really true?

A15. We are not hiding any information’s in our website. Performance displayed in our website is true. Performance will be updated on daily basis. You can check our website daily basis to know the updated performance.

Q16. At what time I will receive intraday trading call?

A16. We will send the call anytime between 9.20 am to 2.30 pm. You need to be ready to execute the trade.

Q17. What is the surety you provide I can earn in stock market?

A17. We won’t provide any surety for our calls. All our calls are generated on the basis of technical parameters.Check our past performance details. However this past performance are not an indicator for future results. Read our Disclaimer before investing into market.

Q18. How can I identify your intraday calls ?

A18. Our sms sender id is DSSCAL or SGASTK. Most of the time you will get calls from this sender id’s. However some times we will send calls from our mobile number 919994934568 also.

Q19. Do you provide Money back guarantee ?

A19. No.We won’t offer any money back offer for our service. Our 3 days paid trial is very cheap cost. Subscribe this trial and verify our genuine in performance updation. If interested you can check our paid trial more than once. So there is no refund for fee once paid.

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