Short Term Delivery Calls

Stock market short term holding delivery calls are updated frequently in this page. This delivery calls or swing trading calls holding period may vary from one day to one year. This service is absolutely free of cost. Watch this page often to know the updated delivery calls.

  • An average we update one to 4 delivery based calls per month.
  • All are buy calls so we update target and stop loss.
  • An average 70% accuracy will be maintained in this swing trading calls.
  • Strictly follow stop loss and target. Dont average the position in lower level.
  • To get free live day trading stock market calls click here.

2 thoughts on “Short Term Delivery Calls

    1. Hi Vishwanath Sharma,
      Sorry we are not providing this delivery calls by sms. This short term call service is absolutely free of cost. We will update maximum 5 calls per month. You can bookmark this page in your desktop and mobile. Watch this page daily basis to get the updated calls. Thanks.


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