Single Target Stock Future Tips

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  2. Fed up with partial profit booking and trailing stop loss?
  3. Confused on how to trade with 2 target and 3 targets calls?
  4. Expecting genuine performance updating service provider?
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( Please note – You will get intraday calls from daily stock tips )

This service is designed for traders who trade in Stock Futures segment.

These Stock Future recommendations are outcome of detailed analysis and research by our highly qualified & experienced technical team.

stock future tips

Our Technical research team works with an aim of generating good returns consistently for the end user.

Keep a track on our trial calls and you would be able to figure out the authenticity of our research and hence make trading with us your favorite.

Features of Our Stock Future Tips

  • One to Three calls will be given by Telegram channel during trading hours.
  • Recommendation will be given on highly liquid stock futures.
  • All calls are based on current month NSE future contract only.
  • We will give calls minimum 2 to 3 min advance.
  • So you have enough time to execute the order.
  • An average 70 to 80% accuracy will be maintained in this future calls.
  • We will maintain two open position at same time.
  • Trading calls will be send by SMS or Telegram Channel.
  • Telegram app can be download from google play store and Apple app store.
  • Rs.2,00,000 capital money required for trading stock future.
  • All calls are having only one target. So no worry about target 2 and target 3.
  • Genuine performance report will be updated daily basis.

Sample Stock Future Calls



If it is Buy call you need to initiate the trade only in recommended price or 5 to 10 paisa above the recommended price. If it is Sell call you need to initiate the trade only in recommended price or 5 to 10 paisa below the recommended price. If the price is not triggered on or before 3.00 pm, you need to ignore that trade. Auto square-off is 3.20pm price.

Stock Future Calls Subscription Plans

2 Days Trial – You will get trading calls for 2 trading days.
1 Month Plan –  You will get trading calls for 23 trading days.
2 Months Plan –  You will get trading calls for 48 trading days.
3 Months Plan – You will get trading calls for 75 trading days.

Payment Mode for Stock Future Calls

You can make a payment by Paytm, credit card, debit card and Net banking.
For paytm or Airtel money send payment to this mobile number 9994934568.
For other payment option click the below buy button.
After making payment please callus or send email to us.

Pricing Details for Intraday Stock Future Tips

2 Days Paid Trial
1 Month Package
2 Months Package
3 Months Package

11 thoughts on “Single Target Stock Future Tips

    1. Hi
      Stock future calls started only this July month. So you can view only this month. Subscribe paid trial check the call accuracy and genuine performance updation.

    2. TQ sir. I want Ur company calls IAM going to subscribe next month 1st. Your giving to the calls 2 min advance so we to take a position it’s fine. Ur giving the most of the calls target it was achieved with in 2 min to 5 min. It’s possible..?

      1. That is not exit time. We have updated given time and entry time. Call given time is time when we sending message. Entry time is time when our entry price is triggered. Exit from the position will take time. Mostly call exit will happen half an hour to three hours.

  1. hi..on 9th feb..ajanthpharm entry given time is okay…that time stock is trading at 1416..but entry time is confusion at that time stock is trading around 1421…could u pls clear the doubt…

    1. You are telling cash market price level. We are updating stock future price level.On 9th Feb Ajantha pharma price was 1411 at 12.19. Our recommended price triggered at 12.38.

  2. I appreciate your transparency. You are updating performance sheet immediately after completion of calls. I took paid trial for 3 times. Every time your performance updation is real without hiding and update. I will subscribe your stock future service for three month in one week. I want to trade minimum 5 lots. I will make ready my capital and pay you your subscription fee. Thanks for your valuable service in low cost.


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